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(EFAC) European Federation of Agricultural Consultants analyzes in Bilbao the needs of agricultural and livestock farms

During three days of March (7th to 9th), Bilbao hosted the meeting of EFAC, the European Federation of Agricultural Consultants, which brings together agricultural consulting companies from different member countries of the European Union, to respond to the common needs of farms and livestock.

At the meeting where there has been representation from Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Euskadi Tax Group have attended about twenty representatives of the different organizations that exercise their consulting services for European agricultural companies and have dealt with issues of management, tax and sustainability, the three main lines of work of the federation.

In the group TAX-Group have studied the different taxation and regulations that affect agricultural entrepreneurs and have been in common tax developments in each member country, as well as the treatment given to farms in a critical economic situation. The Basque technicians who join for the first time in this working group have explained to European colleagues the agrarian taxation in Euskadi

In the working group of Sustainability and Bioenergy BIOENERGY-Group, the real situation on the Sustainable Bio / Energy in each member country has been exposed and the main challenges and opportunities posed by the production and use of renewable energy at the farm level from the economic and fiscal point of view. The needs of farms to improve the use and production of renewable energy on farms have also been studied, and good practices have been analyzed to increase production and self-consumption of renewable energy in a cost-effective manner, ensuring that supply comply with the sustainability criteria.

At the meeting of the Governing Council organizational issues were analyzed and, as a novelty, it has been proposed from Belgium to create a new working group called MARKET-Group to analyze, Group visiting Aberekin as an observatory, the prices of agricultural products such as milk, eggs, chicken, pork, as well as animal feed raw materials.

The meeting was used to visit in Derio the selection company of beef and dairy stallions, ABEREKIN SA, which was very interesting for the European participants who attended this EFAC meeting.