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The Danish Agricultural Advisory Service (DAAS) is a partnership made up of local advisory centres and a national centre. The unique two-level advisory system is both owned and used by Danish farmers. The partnership employs app. 3,500 professionals.

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The Centres for Rural Economy (CERs) provide businesses with multi-disciplinary management advice. They offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from helping companies with their accounts to providing them with specialised consulting services that help them to better define their business strategies.

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Hauptverband der landwirtschaftlichen Buchstellen und Sachverständigen, (HLBS), provides information and support on taxation, auditing and agricultural valuation to its members. The HLBS was founded in 1922 and has currently 1,451 individual and company members.

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The Nederlands

Vereniging van accountants- en belastingadviesbureaus (VLB) was founded in 1926 and now has ten offices as its member. These offices provide a service to 50,000 agricultural companies and 40,000 businesses. They employ 5,500 people in 275 locations across the country.

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Bondelagets Servicekontor AS is a consultative company that provide services to the members of the Norwegian Farmers Union (Norges Bondelag), as well as numerous accounting companies who specialize in accounting for agricultural companies.

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LRF Konsult AB is a consultative company specializing in business economics, corporate law and fiscal legislation for small businesses. Accountancy and advisory services for small companies are provided by LRF Konsult’s 1,300 business economists, solicitors and other specialists.

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IKT was founded in 1989 as a coordination entity, owned by the regional government and the advisory centres, with the objective of coordinating these centres´ activities and maintain the relationships with other public and private initiatives.

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DLV Belgium is a young and dynamic company, founded in 1996. The company provides a broad range of advisory services in the agricultural sector from strategy, construction, environment, soil and energy to production, business development, quality, accounting and tax advisory.

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