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The Danish Agricultural Advisory Service. Farmers are both owners and users

The Danish Agricultural Advisory Service (DAAS) is a partnership made up of 60 local advisory centres and a national centre. The unique two-level advisory system is both owned and used by Danish farmers. The partnership employs app. 3,400 professionals.

DAAS’s history dates back to around 1875 when farmers’ organisations started to employ their own advisers. Today, DAAS is one of the leading agricultural advisory services in Europe. The National Centre is located just outside Aarhus in Jutland. We employ a staff of app. 500 who are organised into departments according to professional expertise.

The role of the National Centre is to create, gather and make use of knowledge from home and abroad. We carry out these tasks in co-operation with local advisory centres from across the country. The National Centre is organised in departments incorporating Crop Production, Danish Cattle Federation, Economics and Law, Pig Production, Building and Technique, Horses, Fur Animals, Poultry and Agricultural Education.

The principal function of the National Centre is to provide knowledge and service from the national departments to about 60 local advisory centres which are distributed throughout Denmark. These centres, which are owned and managed by the local Farmers Unions under Danish Agriculture, the main organisation of Danish farmers, give farmers direct advice on technical, economic, educational and social issues. About 80 % of all Danish farmers use this advisory system.


For further information about The Knowledge Centre – please visit: Knowledge Centre For Agriculture.

EFAC Board

Knowledge Centre For Agriculture
Agro Food Park 15, Skejby
8200 Aarhus N
Tel: +45 87 405 000
Fax: +45 87 405 010
E-Mail: nps@vfl.dk
Web: http://www.vfl.dk

EFAC Tax Committee

Kirsten Cato Jensen
Head of Unit, Specialist Adviser
Trigevej 20, Soften
DK- 8382 Hinnerup
E-mail: kcj@lmo.dk
Web: www.lmo.dk

Helle Risdal
Master of Laws, Assistant Professor
The International Business Academy
Skamlingvejen 32
DK – 6000Kolding
E-mail: hnri@iba.dk
Web: www.iba.dk

Inge S. Kjeldsen
MSc Agricultural Science, Specialist Adviser, tax
Landbo Limfjord
Resenvej 85
DK – 7800 Skive
E-mail: isk@landbo-limfjord.dk
Web: www.landbo-limfjord.dk