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The Centres for Rural Economy (CERs) provide businesses with multi-disciplinary management advice. They offer a wide spectrum of services ranging from helping companies with their accounts to providing them with specialised consulting services that help them to better define their business strategies.

The CER Network: CER France

The CER Network covers the entire country which makes it possible to offer a complete and coherent range of services anywhere in France. The number of CERs includes 90 local centres for farmer, craftsmen and tradesman members. There are 11,500 employees. Company members total 250,000 (223,500 farms, 25,200 craftsmen, 1,500 professions). Turnover is 550 million Euros.

The CER National Council (CN CERFRANCE)

The CER National Council (CN CERFRANCE) is responsible for implementing the work of the CER network. It guarantees the quality of the services that are provided by the CERs by systematically auditing and undertaking surveys undertaken by members of the CER Network. The CN CERFRANCE represent both national and international organisations which would like to work together with the French CER Network.


For further information about the CN CERFRANCE and the CER Network please contact:
Loïc le Menn, Deputy Manager of CN CER FRANCE, 18 rue de l’Armorique, 75015 PARIS
Tel +33 1 56 54 28 28 / Fax: +33 1 56 54 28 29 – llemenn@cernet.fr -http://www.cerfrance.fr/

EFAC Board

Loïc Le Menn

52 Boulevard du 1er Chasseur
61001 Alencon Cedex
Tel: +33-2 33 31 49 50
Fax: +33-2 33 31 48 59

EFAC Tax Committee

Patricia Brosset
E- mail: pbrosset@pch.cerfrance.fr

Noëlle Lecuyer
E- mail: nlecuyer@89.cerfrance.fr

Rachida El Otmani
E-Mail: relotmani@cernet.fr