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The Netherlands

Vereniging van accountants- en belastingadviesbureaus (VLB)

The Association of Accounting and Tax consulting offices (VLB) was founded in 1926 and now has five offices as members. These offices provide service to 50,000 agricultural companies. They employ 3900 people in 148 locations across the country.

The activities of the VLB members cover a broad spectrum of services: accounting, management, legal and tax issues as well as business administration, human resources management and information systems. The main task of the VLB is to support its members by lobbying their interests at the national level, promoting their services and to supply information.


For further information contact: VLB, Postbus 1055, 8000 GB Zwolle The Netherlands. E-Mail : vlb@vlb.nl

EFAC Board

Jan Breembroek
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EFAC Tax Committee

Bert van den Kerkhof
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