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Bondelagets Servicekontor AS is not a fully member of EFAC, but have joined the tax-group since 2002. Norway is the only non-EU country in the EFAC-family.

Bondelagets Servicekontor AS is a consultative company that provide services to the members of the Norwegian Farmers Union (Norges Bondelag), as well as numerous accounting companies who specialize in accounting for agricultural companies.

The main activities of Bondelagets Servicekontor AS cover the following services: consultancy concerning accounting (including software), legal and tax advice, as well as lobbying the farmers interest concerning the same issues. Bondelagets Servicekontor AS is wholly owned by the Norwegian Farmers Union.


For further information contact: Svein Aalling, Bondelagets Servicekontor AS. Box 9354 Gronland. 0135 Oslo. Norway. Tel: + 47 22 05 45 00 – Fax: + 47 22 17 03 41 – E-Mail: svein.aalling@bondelaget.no

EFAC Board

EFAC Tax Committee
Svein Aalling
E-Mail: svein.aalling@bondelaget.no