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LRF Konsult AB

Founded in 1918, LRF Konsult is a consultative company specializing in business economics, corporate law and fiscal legislation for small businesses. Accountancy and advisory services for small companies are provided by LRF Konsult’s 1,300 business economists, solicitors and other specialists. Clients include 45,000 farm businesses and forest owners and 15,000 other small companies. With 44,000 assignments each year and branch offices in 125 localities, LRF Konsult is Sweden’s largest economic advisory company. LRF Konsult AB is wholly-owned by the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF).


For further information about LRF Konsult please contact: Lars Göran Svensson, LRF Konsult AB / Urban Rydin, LRF Konsult AB, Skattebyrån, Box 565 , 201 25 Malmö. Sweden. Tel:: +46-40-105245 – Fax: +46-40-232130 – mobile: +46-705501773. E-Mail: urban.rydin@konsult.lrf.se

EFAC Board

Lars Göran Svensson

Urban Rydin
E-Mail: urban.rydin@konsult.lrf.se

EFAC Tax Committee

Urban Rydin
E-Mail: urban.rydin@konsult.lrf.se

Carina Eriksson
E-Mail: carina.eriksson@konsult.lrf.se

Fredrik Rosén
E-Mail: fredrik.rosen@konsult.lrf.se