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DLV is a leading, dynamic and established company, founded in 1996. DLV provides a broad range of advisory services in the agricultural sector from strategy, construction, environment, soil and energy to production, business development, quality, markets, hedging, accounting and tax advisory.

To guarantee high quality and objective advisory services, DLV can count on a team of approximately 200 experienced and enthusiastic advisors. Thanks to close cooperation between the different business units, DLV is in Belgium the partner to provide a total package of advisory services during the life of a farmers or horticulture business.

Our motto: The force behind your company.

Want to know more?  Take a look at our website www.dlv.be (in Dutch and French), www.unitedexperts.be (also in English)or send an email to info@dlv.be .

EFAC Board

Dirk Coucke
CEO DLV Belgium
Rijkelstraat 28
3550 Heusden-Zolder
Tel : + 32 11 60 90 60
Fax : + 32 11 60 90 69
E-Mail : dc@dlv.be

EFAC Tax Committee

Paul Van Der Schueren
BU Manager Strategy/Accountancy
Rijkelstraat 28
3550 Heusden-Zolder
Tel : + 32 11 60 90 69
Fax : + 32 11 60 90 69
E-Mail : pvds@dlv.be

Guy Porto-Carrero
Consultant, accounting and tax
Riijkelstraat 28
B – 3550 Heusden-Zolder
E-Mail : gpc@dlv.be
Web: www.dlv.be